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Start Saving Today!money

Create a savings goal: What are you saving for? Whether it’s a new bike, video game, or just saving for spending money, setting a goal now will help you achieve the savings when you need it.

Set up a savings account: Ask your parents to help you set up a savings account at your local credit union. This is the first step to becoming a super saver and managing your own finances.

Use a piggy bank: Use a piggy bank to save your allowance or any money you receive as gifts. This is a great way to have money on hand when you need it. You will be surprised how fast it adds up!

Delay gratification: It can be tempting to spend money as soon as you get it. Remind yourself of your savings goals and decide if what you are thinking about buying today is worth delaying your goal.

Discuss the importance of saving: Talk to your parents, older siblings or other family members. Find out how they saved money as a kid. You might get some interesting ideas you can apply to your own savings journey.

By starting to save money at an early age, you will start developing good financial habits that will benefit you in the future!

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